The feel good factor: How sports can give you a sense of achievement

28 January 2023

The feel good factor: How sports can give you a sense of achievement

Not just in the field but even in your daily life, sports can give you a sense of achievement and increase your rate of success at everything you attempt to do. Other than increasing your overall physical health, participating in a sport helps you gain numerous types of soft skills! From team building to strategic planning, sports give you an avenue to level up on skills that propel you towards growth.

But how does that happen? Here are a few ways in which sports can give you a sense of achievement!

1. It lowers your stress levels

Stress influences how you process and react to any stimulation or information during your day. Sport helps you be able to deal with stress better which in turn helps the way you act under stressful situations. No matter what the sport, team or individual, it has a direct effect on how you react to negative events.

2. More energy

Have you noticed how you feel after the end of a long day at work? More often than not, it’s fatigued and drained, right? But when you play sports on a regular basis, no matter what the sport, it keeps you more energetic throughout the day. It can re-energise you and helps build your endurance for everything the day throws at you.

3. Makes you a better loser

Yes, you read that. We all like winning but sports also teach you how to humble down and take defeat in your stride. It teaches you how to get back in the game stronger than the previous run. It helps you learn that progress is as important as the results and that not everyone’s progress is the same. You will learn to be able to work on defeat with a growth mindset.

4. Keeps you inspired

Sports help you appreciate the amazing things your body can do! You will be able to see the progress on the field which will encourage you off the field as well. You will be perpetually inspired by the progress your team players showcase and it will make you more appreciative of the smaller wins, not just yours but even for the people around you.

5. Fast thinking

No matter what sport, you have to be able to make quick decisions. A split second can change the entire course of the game. Sports help you develop the skill of thinking on your feet, literally. It trains you mentally to be able to reach your true potential and aim for higher.

So what do you have to lose? This is your sign to pick up a sport today! Give yourself the opportunity to feel good!

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