Here are 3 ranges for pistol shooting in Dubai you must visit!

11 February 2023

Here are 3 ranges for pistol shooting in Dubai you must visit!

If you're in Dubai for a vacation or you live in Dubai and are looking for something new to do, pistol shooting is the way to go! Pistol shooting in Dubai provides you with an ideal alternative way to turn your weekend into a fun-filled experience by indulging in some time out at the range. Ranging from entry-level facilities with occasional events to fully equipped commercial ranges, it's the perfect place to have a good time with your friends, family or even colleagues.

So without any delay, here's a list of 3 shooting ranges you can visit today!

1. JA Shooting Club

The JA shooting club in Dubai offers recreational and competitive shooting in both an indoor and outdoor range. Both the ranges are made keeping intact and adhering to international safety norms and have various facilities. They even have a restaurant you can visit after your shooting experience!

2. Nad Al Sheba Shooting Club

If you’re looking for a great shooting range in Dubai, you’re in luck! Presenting the Nad Al Sheba Shooting Club. This club even provides training for beginners. The range is divided into particular designated sections for various activities. For clay pigeon shooting, pistol rounds, gun rounds, and other kinds of gun and ammunition rounds, the shooting club has a separate section. The Nad Al Sheba Sporting Clays Championship is one of the well-known events hosted by the Nad Al Sheba Shooting Club.

3. Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

Located in Sharjah, Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club is a huge luxury destination with not just shooting but a wide range of activities to choose from! It is a dream destination for groups with varied interests. One of the top indoor shooting ranges in the UAE, visitors can enjoy and select from a wide array of pistols, rifles, and revolvers. Safety is a top priority at the range, which offers a welcoming atmosphere. Personal safety instructors who have completed all of their training are present at all times to ensure you hit the target.

When it comes to age limits, Dubai gun ranges have rules that must be followed. If a participant is below the age of 18, they have to have a waiver signed by a legal guardian or parent. Anyone going to a shooting range must carry a legal and valid Emirates ID or passport. Please check with the shooting range before making an appointment for all the details regarding bookings.

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