5 warm-up exercises you did not know you needed before you start your shooting training

14 January 2023

5 warm-up exercises you did not know you needed before you start your shooting training

Like every other sport, your body has to be adequately warmed up and ready before you start your shooting training. Before engaging in a sporting activity, stretching exercises help the body warm up. By increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion, they help your muscles function more efficiently. Stretching also eases stress and lowers the possibility of injury and pain.

Opening up tight muscles is another advantage of warming up before your shooting training. Typically, knots, a form of spasm that tightens up a small section of a muscle, are released when you warm up your muscles well.

A great warm-up can help you get psychologically ready for your training. An effective warm-up also enables you to work considerably more quickly and effectively.

So let’s get right into 5 warm-up exercises you need to do before you start.

1. Neck tilts and turns

Tilt your neck down and hold this position for at least 5 seconds. Return to normal and tilt your neck back and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Turn your head slowly and look towards the left first and then the right. Hold each side for 2-3 seconds.

2. Shoulder circles

Warming up your shoulders is very important, especially before your shooting training. Your shoulders and your back are pivotal to holding the gun steady while shooting. To do this warm-up exercise, put your hands on your shoulder and rotate them in a circular motion forward and then back. Do 6 rotations in each direction.

3. Upper back and shoulder stretch

Opening up and stretching out your back is very important before you start your training. This is one stretch that will also help you relieve any tension you may carry in your upper back that is caused by hunching over. To do this stretch, put your arms in a folded position just below your chest and twist from side to side.

4. Side-to-side stretch

This stretch will help your entire side torso. Raise one arm above the head and stretch up first. Gradually arch towards the left side and go as deep as it feels good. Come back up and repeat on the other side. Do this 5 times on each side.

5. Roll downs

Last but not the least, the roll down. This stretch will release your entire back and hamstrings if done with good form. Bend your knees slightly, tuck your chin into your chest, and let your shoulders fall as you begin to bend your upper back. Let your arms hang loosely and roll down to touch the floor. Roll each vertebra of your spine one at a time, starting with your head, forward and down towards the floor. Slowly come back up, one vertebra at a time. Do this drill 5 times.

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